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Financial Planning

Plan, Measure, Monitor®

Since each person, family, and business is unique, each financial plan should be unique as well.

Step one in the development of any plan is to establish a starting point.  An analysis is done of all current investment accounts, assets, and liabilities.  We will also discuss cash flows and budgets to get a better understanding of a client's current situation.

Once it is clear where you are, it's important to plan for where you want to go.  Developing long-term and retirement goals is about both keeping things realistic and working toward your best outcomes. 

A thorough and ongoing plan will involve optimizing your investments, current and future savings habits, and analyzing strategies for other income streams such as Social Security or other available pensions. 

Once a Financial Plan is established, it serves as a guide and reference point to monitor ongoing progress and also analyze potential significant changes, such as working in an inheritance or exploring the details of a career change. 

Included in financial planning:

Investment Management

  • Properly aligning savings and investments with goals and risk profiles.

Insurance Analysis/Risk Management

  • Supplementing savings and investments with proper insurance coverages.

Education Planning

  • Giving you an understanding of inflation of higher education costs and different avenues to fund them.

Retirement Planning

  • Optimization of Social Security options as well as available pensions, in addition to savings and investments.

Estate Planning

  • Helping you to leave a legacy for your generations to come.


  • Giving you guidance on donating to charitable organizations and related tax implications.