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Investment Management

As an independent firm, you can trust that an investment plan created for you is aligned with your strategies and goals.  During the portfolio creation process, we will explain how each piece fits in perspective with the greater goals. Investments and strategies are periodically reviewed to ensure that there is always a proper fit with both expectations and objectives.  

Our recommendations generally fit into three broad categories:

  1. Passive

    This approach to investing is best for taxable money. It allows for the most tax efficient, lowest-cost, "Asset-Allocation" approach.  

  2. Semi-Active

    This approach allows for balancing of overweight/underweight portfolios, implements the "Top-Down" approach, and reduces correlation to the overall market.

  3. Active

    This approach is best for tax-deferred money.  It allows for the implementation of a "Defined Risk Management Process" designed to participate in market gains, during favorable conditions and help protect against losses, during adverse market conditions.